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Vibranium SoftLanding Program — Unlock Your Startup's Potential in the US with Top Silicon Valley Experts

Softlanding program is fully online and free of charge.

We look for ambitious, hard-working, and determined startups to help them relocate, get the product-market fit, and raise funds in the US.

SoftLanding Program is for you if you are:

  • A fast-growing IT (B2B\B2C SaaS) company
  • An operating business with growing sales (15%+ MoM)
  • A team of 5+ talents, at least one of whom is a fluent English speaker
  • Planning to relocate the business to the US within 6 months after the program

You should apply if you:

  • Want to relocate your business to the US and grow your company in the US market
  • Are ready to follow step-by-step recommendations from our experts
  • Are willing to put your time and effort into the program (4-8 hours a week)
  • Plan to fundraise from US investors
  • Want to make it to one of the top accelerators

I'm in. What's next?


Apply online by September 24, 2023.


Await the organizers' decision regarding your acceptance.


Once selected for the Program, channel your commitment and dedication towards relocating your business to the US.


Week 1
Program introduction, goals, and expectations (October 4, 2023)

Navigating Silicon Valley
Insights and strategies for navigating the competitive landscape of Silicon Valley as a startup. Discover funding options and strategies, networking opportunities, and learn from success stories.
Week 2
How to physically relocate to the US and household process
Essential logistical aspects: including accommodation, obtaining a driver's license, opening a personal bank account, establishing a credit history, obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN), and navigating kindergarten enrollment, providing comprehensive guidance for a smooth transition.
Week 3
How to create a legal entity in the US
Step-by-step instructions on registering a legal entity, obtaining a legal and physical address, and exploring the types of legal entities and their pros and cons.
Week 4
How to get a work visa in the US
The visa process: including types of visas, visa application, interview preparation, required documents, change of status, team members relocation, visa sponsorship, and more, providing comprehensive guidance and support.
Week 5
Banking in the US, building relationships with financial institutions
The essential banking principles in the United States, including business and personal banking, credit scores, loans, and the critical differences in operations between regional innovation banks and large federal banks.
Week 6
Marketing Strategy and Sales in the US
The fundamental principles of creating a marketing strategy primarily focus on entering the US market and providing insights on building an effective sales process.
Week 7
Financial Planning for the expansion
Insights and guidance on the necessary actions and rituals for entering the US market, budgeting for scaling, setting up finance and accounting systems, and planning an effective scouting trip, equipping participants with essential knowledge for success.
Week 8
HR and team relocation
Essential advice on making strategic decisions regarding hiring, outsourcing, and freelancing essential functions, navigating cash flow challenges to avoid cash deficiencies and survive the "death valley," and addressing HR regulations, team member relocation, insurance, and taxes.
Week 9
Early Stage Fundraising in Silicon Valley
Valuable insights on fundraising strategies and tools, specifically focusing on fundraising in the US, including structuring deals, preparing terms and conditions, understanding what the US investors look for in terms of metrics, milestones, due diligence, and developing an effective fundraising strategy.
Week 10
Demo day (December 13, 2023)
*Preliminary Program
**Besides lectures, there will be practical discussions and keynote speeches by experienced startups, investors, and other players in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Our Experts

What startups say about our program

Great program with excellent content, not just specific to US market entry. We are an experienced team but we learned a lot and the Demo Day was excellent. Well run, properly put together - essential for any business looking to work in the US.
Tim Nicolle
Tim Nicolle
Founder at PrimaTrade
Softlanding program gave us a real world application of knowledge. Every guest and every lecture were dedicated to specific questions, which in general provided us a whole picture. We really loved it.
Aidos Muss
Aidos Muss
CEO & Founder at Datavein Inc.
I liked the structure of the program, speakers, overall vibe, team spirit, homeworks and feeling that people who organised Softlanding sincerely want to help us succeed at US market. Thank you for a great experience.
Greg Uspensky
Greg Uspensky
The program showed us the real problems that foreign founders face and the best practices that help solve them, especially when it comes to moving our business to Silicon Valley.
Alan Malon
Alan Malon
Founder & CEO at
Softlanding is an onboarding program for founders without experience of living & making business in the US. I'm glad that Zamir and other invited experts covered all necessary relocation aspects.
Aleksandr Kozhevnikov
Aleksandr Kozhevnikov
CEO & Founder at SvapAI
I really liked networking with organizers, speakers, and peers as well as ability to test the hypothesis in a friendly environment.
Mike Sadofyev
Mike Sadofyev
CEO & Founder at
Great support. Valuable insights and feedback.I really enjoyed experts sharing the real experience, not just theoretical lectures.
Kirr Simakovs
Kirr Simakovs
Founder & CEO in Monosnap
Vibranium.VC Softlanding Program is about the practicality of the learnings.
Chris Hodgeman
Chris Hodgeman
CEO at MavSocial
Professional speakers, high quality of the material, an opportunity to participate in Demo Day and present the startup to potential investors.
Beniamin Khaninaev
Beniamin Khaninaev
Founder & CEO at Icowork
I really liked the experts and topics. All speakers were relevant to the program's goal and target audience. Zamir's personal engagement was great!
Sergey Kiselev
Sergey Kiselev
Co-founder & CEO at VR next
I want to especially highlight experts – each one of them is a true professional in their own filed.
Nikita Bogdanov
Nikita Bogdanov
CEO at SpiritMe
I really liked the focus on relocation, go-to-market and investments – the most important things for B2B startups.
Anton Melnikov
Anton Melnikov
General Manager & CEO at SkinCheckUp
I really enjoyed the Vibranium Softlanding Program. The regularity of the program and the variety of topics covered were great. One of the best things about the program was the ability to ask questions in the group chat and receive quick answers from the experts. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I highly recommend it to other startups looking to move to the US.
Kirill Krivonosov
Kirill Krivonosov
Founder & CEO at GetMeBack
I find Softlanding Program very useful. The structure was very comfortable for all participants to attend lectures. Every module has been created to give a complete overview on how to relocate the business to the USA. Big thank you for all tips and suggestions. I will definitely recommend it to other founders I personally know.
Gianpaolo Sgaramella
Gianpaolo Sgaramella
Co-Founder at GETINVESTORS Ai Navigator (B2B Saas)