Eleven founders pitched their SaaS startups at Demo Day to experienced investors and key players in the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.

The Vibranium.VC Softlanding program is specifically designed for founders looking to move their business to the USA. We carefully chose over 50 early-stage projects from various countries with the aim of helping them achieve this goal. Our program serves as a straightforward guide for relocating businesses and securing funds in the USA, step by step.

Over two months, alongside leading US experts, we delved into crucial aspects of the US relocation process. Topics ranged from maximizing your network's impact on your company, creating a marketing strategy, to the registration of a legal entity and navigating the visa process.

Meet our finalists:

Besample – Florida-based SaaS online platform connecting researchers with human samples anywhere in the world.

Bank of Memories – SF-based SaaS platform for family heritage and commemoration. 

PicUP – Hybrid voice & digital calling platform revolutionizing enterprise sales calls.

IVM Markets – an AI powered B2B/SaaS seed stage firm in wealth tech. 

HeyEveryone – a web-app that helps startup founders craft and deliver company updates to investors. 

not8 – ultimate product improvement assistant which helps to leave text and video sticky notes right inside the website or application you build.

VTX – a US based sports tech rank data platform that helps athletes to get sponsors, scouts to recruit faster and brands to manage their sponsorship deals accountable. 

Skedway – a Brazilian-based SaaS all-in-one platform that seamlessly manages workplaces, assets and services, helping enterprise companies save millions of dollars annually.

pxCode –  a B2B SaaS platform that revolutionizes web development in the AI era.

Turing Certs – solves identity fraud by cyber tech and digital certificates.

Teknobuilt – unified platform is bringing a paradigm shift in getting people, processes, and data with AI predictive mitigation to boost the productivity of energy and infrastructure projects.

Valentina Pidgaina, Head of pipeline and partnerships at Vibranium.VC: “At the Demo day, we showcased eleven promising companies from various fields, mostly those ready for investments and looking to shift to the  US market to expand their business here. Our program included top experts from Silicon Valley who work closely with startups, and we're grateful to all our partners for their time, know-how, and the help they offer to founders. We're looking forward to carrying on with our program next year because we see its worth and success”.