Vibranium.VC invests $100K in Best of Stonks Fund to expand its reach amongst startups and investors

By becoming an LP of the Fund, Vibranium.VC gains access to an index of the most promising B2B SaaS startups and builds an early relationship with potential Vibranium portfolio companies.

The Best of Stonks Fund is a first-of-its-kind, no fee, no carry vehicle created and managed by the Stonks team to allow investors to receive diversified exposure to the best startups that pitch on Stonks’ platform. The fund makes fundraising for both parties—startups and investors—easy, frictionless, and more transparent.

Stonks allows accredited retail investors to invest alongside the 0.1% of VCs, angels, and accelerators. Via such products as Demo Day Vehicles and Stonks Secondaries, the company is building the simplest, fastest onramp to startup investing.

Andreessen Horowitz, 500 Global, AirAngels, Hustle Fund, Mercury Bank, Atomic VC, Matrix Partners, Naval Ravikant (Angellist), Henry Ward (Carta), Mike Maples (Floodgate), and many more are both investors in and users of the platform. To date, more than $120M has been wired from funders to founders on Stonks.

Vibranium.VC is always seeking new opportunities to expand its network of founders, investors, and innovators in Silicon Valley and beyond.