Vibranium.VC invests in IVM Markets

We are thrilled to introduce our new portfolio company – IVM Markets, a Saas investment content generation portal, which empowers financial distributors and resellers of structured products. The company and the people behind it are disrupting the financial industry by providing an alternative route to design, price and risk manage customized investments.

IVM is a London-based firm that partnered with venture capital funds Geekdom fund (as lead investors) and Vibranium.VC on a $4M round.

IVM is a technology firm that is supporting clients all over the world by leveraging expertise and big data analytics to transform the way structured products are designed and priced

“Investor demands are changing, and there is an increasing need for more customized investments. Structured products, especially the more bespoke ones, could be the ultimate vehicle for personalized investing,” says Vlad Gubski, IVM Markets co-founder.

“Technology is rapidly changing the world of customized investments and we are happy to be among those who spearhead the industry,” adds Ildar Farkhshatov, IVM Markets co-founder. “The challenge with designing custom solutions is both the idea generation and the pricing, but most importantly in determining – whether an issuer’s price for a bespoke solution is accurate or inflated. IVM’s product design suite provides an end-to-end solution that is built to be the ultimate structured product design workspace. It allows users to find the optimal product to match their client’s need and to price it in such a way that the issuer’s markup can be quantified. IVM is designed by structured product specialists for structured product specialists.”

There are already 21 clients across 7 countries who use the IVM product, and the results are impressive. Client feedback ranges from “You have really understood the journey of the wealth manager, from idea generation to making a sale and managing the client portfolio” to “We tested your pricing and, as expected, it proved to be useful.… it’s designed for precision.”

Capital raised in the funding round will go toward enabling further automation functionality within the product selection journey and expanding IVM’s operations, including establishing US-based headquarters in the near future.

Welcome aboard, IVM team!