Vibranium.VC invests in Otis AI

Today, we’re excited to announce our investment in Otis AI, an all-in-one digital marketing assistant for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that helps clients launch data-driven campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google in minutes. The startup is currently building a platform that serves businesses primarily in the US.

SMBs are essential to the global economy. They create jobs and they bring innovation to society. But how can they compete with more established businesses, especially when it comes to digital advertising?

US startup Otis AI knows the answer. The founders, Miguel Guerrero and Clarence Williams, designed an all-in-one digital marketing solution to help SMBs launch data-driven multi-channel campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google in a matter of minutes. And if that wasn’t enough of a draw, Otis’s solution also enables its clients to overcome the challenges of mobile attribution and third-party cookies.

Vibranium.VC participated in this round alongside Unifier Ventures, Oak Drive Ventures, Studio VC, as well as some other VC funds and private investors. The company plans to use the money to drive product development, sales, marketing, and additional features to continue improving a robust platform that serves businesses throughout the US and worldwide markets.

Miguel Guerrero commented, “Our mission is to level the playing field for small businesses and allow them to compete with advertisers hundreds of times their size. Otis AI is the best simple end-to-end solution for SMBs.” And we believe him. The company grew 300% last year and cruised past $1.5M in annual revenue.

Miami Hack Week, a distributed hackathon, and many more are already among Otis’s clients, which see an average 10x return on ad spend. NY-based retailer Extra Butter is a particularly striking example, racking up an incredible 40x ROAS.

Otis’s mission is to level the playing field for SMBs by leveraging advertising across the web, social media platforms, and television to help them grow and engage with their customers. We look forward to seeing the company’s technologies helping SMBs grow and compete effectively, regardless of their size or ad budget. Welcome aboard, champions!