Vibranium.VC opened an office in Silicon Valley

Global venture capital investment in 2021 reached a record $621 billion, and almost half of it – $311 billion – came from the U.S. venture capital market. According to CB INSIGHTS, a tech search company, 12,281 financing rounds were completed in the country during this period, and 55% of the deals were concluded at an early stage.

In the world of venture investments, it is important for a startup to be invested in by a fund that speaks the same language as it does to better understand the ideas of the startup founders and make Due Diligence (a comprehensive independent evaluation of the company – Ed. note) more effective, believes Dmitry Dolgov, CEO of the financial analytics service

Vibranium.VC Venture Fund opened its new office in the Spaces in Menlo Park exclusive coworking space, the “boiling point” of active Silicon Valley startup accelerators and venture capitalists.

By the number of investment rounds and the amount of funds raised in the U.S., the Valley retains the lead ($105 billion) along with New York ($55 billion).

Vibranium.VC announces its readiness to finance startups focused on the US market. Thus, startups from the CIS also have a chance to become a portfolio company of the fund. The fund will also consider seed-stage companies operating on B2B SaaS business models and pursuing the goal of entering global markets in the future.

Soft-landing processes contain manageable and unmanageable components and require an understanding of local rules and regulations, as well as careful preparation and clear implementation.

“It is important to do preliminary market research on what is happening with your niche and your type of product in the American market, to open bank accounts taking into account passport type and citizenship,” says Zamir Shukho, managing partner of Vibranium.VC. – Some things don’t directly depend on you, such as the decision by American immigration authorities on whether or not to give you a visa.

Vibranium.VC staff, partners, and experts are ready to support and guide their portfolio companies at every stage. The fund’s team has many years of experience in corporate innovation, acceleration programs, and early-stage investments. The accumulated experience will help startups “soft land” in the U.S.

“The U.S. has many different places in terms of unique ecosystems tied to one type of business or another,” the fund’s experts comment. – If you have a fintech startup, the place to land is New York; if you do B2B SaaS solutions or software, Silicon Valley; if you are a media or gaming startup, land in Los Angeles.”

Spaces in Menlo Park, where Vibranium.VC is headquartered, is a great place to discuss projects and close deals with companies that will create the economy of the future.

To apply for an investment, visit the company’s website.

By Forbes